The U.S. Criminal Justice System is a racially biased cycle of injustice. To enact reform, we needed to expose the entire system. So we created a film using the Miranda Rights -the system’s own words- to dismantle its failures. Once launched, national conversation was instant- news anchors referenced lines, teachers used it to build lesson plans and nuanced conversations lit up comment sections. Within hours it was trending on Twitter. And six weeks later, a historic reform bill, The First Step Act, was passed.



I’m starting to think Meek Mill looking like Dr. King isn’t a coincidence.
— @KorbyThaGreat
I used you’re op-ed video in The New York Times & song “stay woke” to talk about the criminal justice system & preview our unit about identity and politics with 6/7th graders in English class today.
— @MsJasmineMN
Wow, these statistics are horrifying.
— Frank Akwetey